Dear EUthAppians,

These are the latest events and developments in our project EUthApp, the Inclusive Guide for Young Travellers.

Our showcase portal is up and running

Our portal has been created by Luis Miguel Jiménez, our IT expert and consultant. In the portal you will find relevant photos, dissemination info for the press, general info about EUthApp, all the newsletters updating the development of our project, and links to other assets in our project, like our App, the participating schools, and so on.

EUthApp portal



Uploading contents onto our App

The Spanish team have prepared a form in which students can collect all the details of the POIs or Hotspots that they are creating. It will facilitate insertion of contents in the App. You can download the English version of this document here:

Download the document on DOC format
Download the document in ODT open format

What's going on in our partner schools?... EUthApp in Liepaja

In Liepaja State Gymnasium No.1 we have started the new Erasmus + project EuthApp. First of all we were to inform our school society about the project. It was done with the help of our website and newspaper. Students interviewed teachers who had previously participated in Comenius projects, as well as questions were asked to students who had previously taken part in the projects.

Next step was to get a clear idea about the planned activities of the project. A group of students from Forms 10-12 got together to learn about the project in detail, to learn about the responsibilities and mobilities. When the students got a clear picture about the project, they made a decision about participation. Students had to write a letter where their motivation to participate in the project was stated.

During the next meeting students split into groups according to their interests. There were 8 groups formed:

1. History and architecture
2. Recreational activities (sports, nature etc.)
3. Culture (music, theater, festivals)
4. Traditions (Lívu gadatirgus, Lígo)
5. Education (our school and colleges and universities)
6. Evening life (restaurants, clubs)
7. Eating out.
8. Accommodation.

Students chose the leader for their group and teacher mentors joined the groups.

It was decided that by December 5 each group will be ready with 3 POI.

Now, when it is the 12th of December, we can see that there are groups who are active and there are groups who are not really interested in the project activities. It means that in January we will have to decide who are the students who will form the EuthApp group in our school.

What's going on in our partner schools?... EUthApp in Söke

Here’s the evaluation after the aproval of our Project and specifically in the last five weeks as Turkish Team
I organised a meeting with Banu and IT students to lead them how to create their logos supporting with the information sent by Spanish Team as soon as ı learned that our Project was approved . I informed the students and the teachers about the logo contest between the students from three countries, Spain, Latvia and Turkey and the award.Yet the schools were on holiday for more three weeks in September, ı had difficulties in contacting with the students but managed to keep contact with almost 20 IT students.

Next, I organised meetings to the teachers and students on different days to give information on our Project ‘EUthApp’ at Hilmi Fırat that took three days to inform them and be able to respond their questions in their minds. While having the meetings and responding their questions, ı realised that a trip to the ancient sites would be the best option fort he students specifically to be involved to our project and get the inspirations on what contribution they could. So a cultural trip to Miletos, Priene, Apollon Temple and Magnesia was organised for the students and we all had fun despite our tiredness and learned a lot.Can you imagine some of us have never been there before despile living around ?.we had such great time that most of the students explained their ideas on the Project videos ,texts, photos etc while on our way home in that evening. And now we have around 100 students involved to the Project and they ‘re so excited and looking forward to their peers from Spain and Latvia.

​We prepared a kind of project application form involving the criterias by Turkish team and asked for the students to fill in and the teachers as wel t o be able to categorize the students .Then they were informed about the results and what contributions tyhe could and when they take part in .Later, each class has an election to votet heir own represantatives so as to be able to move faster, and now these represantatives are the links between students and mentors and Turkish team.

Since we, the coordinators, had an agreement when we were İn Spain that at least 5 videos would be ready in December, we worked with three groups of students to make videos and record them with the texts led and checked by the mentors in Miletos, Apollon Temple and Priene on different days and 20 students and 6 mentors worked togather for recording. But we had difficulties in recording the voices of the students that were ununderstandable so we decided to record them in Turkish with subtitled in English for Miletos and Apollon Temple but Priene in English.Soon we’re going to translate them into Spanish,German,Latvian ,French etc.

Yet I always keep in touch with the District Governors and The Municipalities of Söke, Kuşadası and Didim , they are our great supporters as our skateholders.For this purpose, Söke Municipality held an exhibition of wall paintings from Latmos at Hilmi Fırat and got a sincere interest of our students. We were proud of our students watching them talk and ask questions about the drawings, history and philosophy that they made us very happy.

In the following weeks,I will organise another meeting with our skateholders at school to give information what we have done so far.

I have been working on Project corner at school involved the general information of our Project and our skateholders and invite them to like our page on Facebook.

These are the things we could do in the last five weeks. I’m sure we’ll do our best as partner.Thanks for t he helps and efforts of Spanish team and Greg, you are a great coordinator and Turkish team for their huge efforts. . We keep on working hard and being togather for Project meeting on Thursdays Please remember to like our page ‘EUthApp-An Alternative Guide for Young Travellers ‘on Facebook and twitter and follow us..

What's going on in our partner schools?... EUthApp in Talavera

In Talavera we have around 90 students enrolled in our project, mainly from 4º ESO and 1º Bachillerato, that is, 15-17 year-olds. Our ICT team is working hard to develop the technical side of the App. We have four experts, Rufino Delgado, Jesús del Pino, Jesús Fernández Toledo, deftly led by Luis Miguel Jiménez, spending long hours for the creation of a good-quality web-App. Luis Miguel Jiménez has also designed and is currently running our Moodle server, which we are using to host all the info about the POIs we are creating.

Most of our students are creating POIs connected to heritage, although some are starting to design others related to local gastronomy, youth meeting points, sports and environment.

We are getting very special help from our FPB course students, who are taking a great effort to classify all the POIs and will take the responsibility too of uploading contents onto the App in the near future.

Our challenge for the next few months will be to motivate more teachers to participate as mentors and get teachers to include this project in their curricular activities as a Project-Work-Based strategy.

Villa Greppi High School will travel to Talavera in February

Our former Comenius colleagues from Monticello-Brianza have joined our project. Italian EUthAppians from Villa Greppi in Milano will travel to Talavera in February '17 to contribute to our project. Then students from Alonso de Herrera will travel to Italy in late April/May '17 in order to create more POIs about Milano, Bergamo and the area around Villa Greppi school.

How to make good-quality videos

Our Spanish colleagues Fidel Cordero and Miguel Ángel Gil have given us some hints on how to create good videos for documenting our POIs. We have also subtitled it into English so that our international counterparts can follow it.

We hope you have found the info in this newsletter interesting.

All the best,



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