Getting contents from our students and transferring them into the App

As we agreed during the Project Meeting in Talavera, we are using email addresses for our students to deliver the contents they create. After that, those contents will be classified in Moodle by students, with the help of teacher mentors. From Moodle, the technical team in Spain will upload the final version onto the actual App, once revised.
Proud of our fresh Logo
As you may know, our logo was chosen during the Project Meeting in Talavera. Elina Ziverte, from Latvia, was the author of the winner idea. Congratulations!!

EUthApp logo

Feedback from your Evaluation questionnaire after the Kick-Off Project Meeting
I am attaching the results of our evaluation questionnaire after the Project Meeting in Talavera. I have extracted two pieces of data that we must be born in mind and can be useful in the future:
As for Social Programme, I miss more free time for the visitors. The programme is very well organized, but they lack the time to go shopping or relax on their own.
We have to get more feedback about EuroPass
At the question "Content Objectives: 5 items on 5 topics by December", we find this reply:
I miss some flexibility in this point. 5 is a closed number and I'm more in favour of open fields. Limitations could be a handicap for the quality of the project. What if students can produce more than five items?
Greg: I totally agree with whoever wrote this: this is just a guideline with a general proposal, the reality can be flexible and adaptable to our students' interests.
​Expanding the project
IES Gabriel Alonso de Herrera have included Monticello-Brianza, Italy (😘) and Stokmarknes, Norway (😘) in our project mobilities. This way we will be able to have contents from more schools and more countries.
Creating Video tutorials
The Spanish R&D team are preparing some video tutorials on how to upload contents onto Moodle. We expect them to be ready by the end of November.
Improving videos
We have observed that some videos that our students are creating are quite poor, so these hints below might be useful and should be passed on to them:
When you record a video, make sure that:
  • it is landscape (horizontal): essential as it will be shown online via Youtube,
  • there is no background noise (cars, people speaking),
  • your voice is audible and clear,
  • you also show the place you are presenting, not only the person speaking!!
  • your English is correct: have it checked out by your English teacher.
When you are done with this, then you can proceed to improve your videos, by:
  • Have them subtitled: both in the English version and your home language version.
  • Introduce a front page with a title, a background jingle, the name of the authors and other relevant 



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