Dear EUthAppians,

These are the latest events and developments in our project EUthApp, the Inclusive Guide for Young Travellers.

Our showcase portal is up and running

Our portal has been created by Luis Miguel Jiménez, our IT expert and consultant. In the portal you will find relevant photos, dissemination info for the press, general info about EUthApp, all the newsletters updating the development of our project, and links to other assets in our project, like our App, the participating schools, and so on.

EUthApp portal


Getting contents from our students and transferring them into the App

As we agreed during the Project Meeting in Talavera, we are using email addresses for our students to deliver the contents they create. After that, those contents will be classified in Moodle by students, with the help of teacher mentors. From Moodle, the technical team in Spain will upload the final version onto the actual App, once revised.
Proud of our fresh Logo
As you may know, our logo was chosen during the Project Meeting in Talavera. Elina Ziverte, from Latvia, was the author of the winner idea. Congratulations!!


 logo ayto horizontall             logo consejeria educacion              jose hierro 1 RE

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