EUthApp, The Inclusive Guide for Young Travellers


This 2-year Project brings together three partner schools from Turkey, Latvia and Spain, under the coordination of IES Gabriel Alonso de Herrera, Talavera de la Reina, Spain. It consists of a Strategic Partnership for Sharing Good Practices under the Programme Erasmus+, subsector KA219, aiming for these objectives:

1. To promote active European citizenship for both students and teachers.

2. Develop communicative skills in European languages for all members of our communities.

3. Develop entrepeneurial and independent skills in our pupils.


As a vehicle for these objectives we have envisaged the creation of a mobile App, which will include maps of the towns where our schools are located and the territories around them. In those maps, POIs (Points of Interest) will be pinned, linked to descriptions referring to heritage, the environment, healthy living, folklore, bird-watching, hiking, cycling, and others arising from the creativity of our students. The POIs can be linked to textual descriptions or annotated pictures, they can be linked to more complex web-pages, audio clips, video recording in the form of documentaries or dramatized clips, slow-motion creations, Prezi presentations, picture carousels and other formats compatible with the App.

The international dimension of the App will be reached in two phases. In the first, every school will translate the POIs created by their own students into the languages studied in their school (English, German, Russian, French, Italian). English will be the pivotal language to reach the second phase. In it, the contents of the local schools will be translated by visiting students into their own languages. These are the mobilities approved by the EC:

Place Alumnos visitantes Fechas
Söke (Turkey)

8 students + 2 Spanish teachers

8 students + 2 Latvian teachers

April 2017
Liepāja (Latvia)

8 students + 2 Spanish teachers

8 students + 2 Turkish teachers

June 2017

8 students + 2 Turkish teachers

8 students + 2 Latvian teachers

April 2018


   Logo Contest


In order to achieve a fast dissemination of the Project within our schools, we have set up a Logo Contest, in which any member of our educational communities can take part and offer a logo to identify our Project.


   Developing the Project


In the first stages, the Project will develop along two parallel areas, one being develop and design of the App, which includes usability, style & graphic design, entrepeneurial focus and sustainability. The second area will be content creation, and this will also include elements of design, upscaling and expansion, where we will try to involve as many students as posible. Till the App is fully operative, hopefully in about four months, contents will be classified and stored in our Twinspace within eTwinning, the EU’s educational online collaboration service.

Once the App is operating, notwithstanding future improvements and extensions, both areas will converge and all contents will be directly uploaded on the App.

The last phase will seek disseminating and extending the contents of the App, incorporating other schools in our surroundings. Our App is expected to be modular and escalable, and consequently will be able to grow ‘Wikipedia-like’. The last efforts within the Project lifecycle will be to find entrepeneurial initiatives among our students to give the App a second life after July 2018.


   Transnational Meetings


These are vital to the coordination of the Project. We will establish common guidelines for developing the App and implementing its contents. We will also hold training sessions on eTwinning, Moodle, PBL, the flipped classroom. A winning logo is chosen, follow-up and evaluation will be carried out, strategies od dissemination are defined, materials copyright decisions are made, and a alot more littel details are jointly agreed upon.

Lugar Fecha
Talavera 19 - 25 October 2016
Söke (Tur) 3 - 5 July 2017
Liepāja (Lat) 27 - 30 October 2017
Talavera 27 - 30 June 2018

 Four transnational meetings have been planned.

   App Specifications

EUthApp must cover these mínimum specifications:

      • run, at least, on iOS and Android operating systems,

      • be web- and tablet-friendly,

      • be user-friendly, with scalable text and menus,

      • run on a Google Maps-style mapping background,

      • be able to show POI (Point-of-Interest) tags on the map with different colours, thus showing different areas of interest (heritage, culture, environment, art, religion, etc),

      • desirably have an offline mode to amplify its usefulness,

      • include 'share to' buttons to the most popular social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Swarm,

      • be robust and allow for heavy data workload,

      • contain menus in at least Latvian, Turkish, Spanish and English (default), and allow for the inclusion of new languages,

      • include 'Help' and 'How to files', and a 'FAQ' section,

      • show the logo and relevant text of the Erasmus+ programme in a visible area, as indicated in the Programme Guide, as well as the App's own icon chosen in the first stages of the project.


 logo ayto horizontall             logo consejeria educacion              jose hierro 1 RE

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